Gerard Butler has officially taken over the particular set of skills from Liam Neeson for early in the year action movies. Who remembers Olympus Has Fallen? Talk about a movie exceeding expectations. Low budget and I went in thinking no way this could be good. It turned out to be the sleeper hit of 2013.

Securing sleeper hit status means one thing. Sequel time. Gerard Butler and company are hopping across the pond from Washington, DC to London for London Has Fallen. Yeah, the title does a bit of foreshadowing.

London is in the crosshairs of a terror plot to kill key world leaders at the Prime Minister’s funeral. One man to save the day. A certain presidential bodyguard who happens to spend his weekends as a black ops soldier.

london has fallen gerard butler

The first teaser to London Has Fallen has debuted, and it’s everything you’d want in an action film. Explosions, car chases, guns and did I mention explosions?

You see Westminster Abbey and Chelsea Bridge being blown up in the trailer, along with the Queen’s Guard engaging in urban combat. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Cars flipping, gunfire and Gerard Butler is hanging out of an SUV shooting at someone.

You’ll recognize plenty of faces from Olympus Has Fallen. Morgan Freeman is back as the Speaker of the House and watches the events unfold from the situation room. That doesn’t exactly bode well for the Vice President.

Melissa Leo returns as the Secretary of Defense, Aaron Eckhart as the President and Radha Mitchell as Butler’s love interest.

The release date for London Has Fallen is well picked. January 22, 2016. Yeah, I’d give the new Star Wars movie a month to rule to the box office too before I tried to slice away at its target demographic of everyone breathing.

Here’s hoping the film doesn’t follow the Taken template. Each sequel getting markedly worse as they released. At least no one is getting kidnapped.

What do you think? Ready for a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen?


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