It Looks Like Call of Duty WW2 Is Getting a Real Headquarters Mode
Cod WW2 control mode

Not that wannabe empty Destiny tower we have right now. I’m talking about the multiplayer mode I sank hours into on older Call of Duty titles. A YouTuber posted footage (via MP1st) of a slew of new multiplayer modes like Gun Game, Infected, Control, and more.

Control is the mode I want to point out here. We only get a brief glimpse of it, but it does give off old-school Headquarters vibes. You can see how a single Control point unlocks and then allows a team to capture it. Without official confirmation (yet), we’re left guessing about the rest of the mode’s mechanics. Can the capturing team keep respawning after capturing the point? Or do they get just one life after capturing ala classic Headquarters?

Man, I hope Control captures the essence of Headquarters. There was nothing quite like holding a point by yourself while your killstreaks rain down on the opposing team.

The video also shows off new weapons. Which will lead to COD fans wondering if they will only be obtainable via the Supply Drop system. That’s how it worked in Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare. Which then leads to the very slippery slope (especially after the Battlefront 2 debacle) of how it affects weapon balance. If I’m Activision, I make damn sure these weapons are balanced with all the other guns. And make them drop frequently. Better yet, give them to the community for free.

We’ll see how it shakes out. But it’s hard not to worry in the current climate.

The guns we do see include the Gewehr 43 and Sten.

The leaked modes sound good, but c’mon Sledgehammer Games – where’s Sticks and Stones?

Despite most of the gaming industry moving away from the season pass model, Call of Duty WW2 embraces it once again. 4 DLC packs are coming in 2018. New maps, new chapters of Nazi Zombies and new War missions will come as part of Sledgehammer Games post-launch support.

What do you think of the leaked modes? Do you want to see the classic Headquarters mode (or something similar) return?

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