If you were gearing up for Game of Thrones last night, you caught HBO’s next big event series. Damon Lindelof is the man behind the small screen adaptation of Tom Perrotta’s novel, The Leftovers. The first teaser trailer was attached to the premiere of Game of Thrones for maximum reach, and to get people hyped for the June release.

Starring Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler, the show follows the lives of those in the wake of a rapture-like event in which 140 million people vanished. The event may or may not have biblical implications, but that doesn’t stop the religious groups from emerging in its wake. The trailer cuts to a group of people, dressed in all white, walking along in a field. Other moments include two people committing suicide, a woman searching for her missing son and a woman brushing her teeth while staring at a message: “We are living reminders.”

Good news for those still bitter about the Lost ending. If Lindelof puts the cast in a church for the final episode, at least it will be a fitting ending. You won’t be left with enough questions to fill a book.

The initial trailers talks about the number, 104 million, and what it represents. “Two percent doesn’t sound like much, but two percent of the entire planet — of every person on it — that’s more than the world’s 10 largest cities combined,” a calm voice informs the viewer. “It’s more than every death from every war in the 20th century. If every one of those people joined hands, they would wrap around the world six times. It’s 140 million people.”

HBO looks to be painting a world that is rather grim for those unselected. It will follow a community as it comes to grips with what happened, and how to move forward.

So, when Game of Thrones makes its season exit, get ready for what is looking to be a must-watch event this summer. It premieres June 15, so while winter just arrived again, it seems the rapture is set for June.

Check out the teaser below in case you missed it.


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