Ok, Disney and Lucasfilm. We get it. Marketing with a side of marketing. Star Wars is coming, and you want to put your best foot forward. That’s great, but we are a week away without any major spoilers hitting via trailers.

Yes, if you go on a Google trip, you can find some rather interesting spoilers. Don’t do that to yourself. In a week, we can all sit down and enjoy the spectacle. And then watch it again. And again. Don’t judge. I have a problem.

The latest international trailer is out for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it packs some serious new footage. Does it spoil anything? Not really, but it raises new questions.

Hey, it’s the attack on Jakku. Nothing really new here that we haven’t seen, but we do get to hear Rey and BB-8 talking. She asks the droid where it’s from, and the reply is ‘classified.’ Oh, hello speculation. Is Rey being sarcastic when she replies ‘me too?’

Oh, and how is a lone scavenger able to understand the random beeps when Luke had to use his X-Wing to translate R2D2 for all three films? Seems a bit odd, but maybe she knows the beeps and boops from droids.

In the trailer, we see the scene of Finn and Rey running from attacking TIE fighters. Before, it was always assumed the pilot she was referring to was herself. It could be some clever editing at Lucasfilm marketing, but having Han appear on the Falcon is just too damn smart to drive the Internet nuts.

It is good to see Han and Chewie back in action. Harrison Ford is the man, and how can you not love Chewie?

Other new footage involves the aerial battles. I absolutely love the focus on multiple aerial battles between the Resistance and the First Order. Sill zero confirmation of a space battle, but we do see the Resistance X-Wings approaching a planet. Here’s hoping we get to see a massive battle involving capital ships in space.

One more week Lucasfilm. I know I flip out and watch each new trailer multiple times, but it’s time to stop. No more new footage. It’s not like you need brand awareness.

Put the current TV spots on loop and ride it until December 18 and beyond. The records the film will smash will be staggering. What do you think of the new footage? Is Lucasfilm treading close to the line of revealing too much? Or, are you like me and have to watch it frame by frame?

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