Well, you don’t need Admiral Ackbar screaming at you to know the Internet is abuzz today. Yeah, I will spare you the Alderaan blowing up intro. Star Wars Episode VII has a title – The Force Awakens – and with it comes enough speculation to fill a Super-Star Destroyer.

One thing interesting is the dropping of Episode Number Whatever. Disney wants to break with the prequel trilogy and this is a great way to do it. Plus, you don’t have new fans coming into the universe going ‘I have to watch the other six?’ They can if they want, but Disney wants their own direction.

The use of ‘awakens’ implies to a lot of people that the Jedi have not grown in a similar manner as the expanded universe showed. If you followed Star Wars after the movies, the expanded universe had Luke Skywalker developing a New Jedi Order.

With the purchase of Lucasfilm, Disney has discarded those books as non-canon. So, we get the thought that maybe the Jedi order is still trying to get off the ground. Or maybe it has been slumbering.

How about a different take? If you’ve read the books or played the Force Unleashed, you’d notice the force is more powerful than in the movies. You get characters pulling down Star Destroyers and forming battle melds. The works. Let’s just say it’s a lot cooler than snatching up a lightsaber or having Usain Bolt’s speed.

So, here goes my completely uninformed speculation. What have we always wanted out of Jedi? Force powers that actually have a wow factor. Not just waving your hand going ‘these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.’ Impress me damn it.

An example of what I mean could be along the lines of the cinematics done for the Star Wars MMO by Blur Studios. Yeah, these will make you want them doing the movie. They are jaw-dropping. Check them out below.

What do we actually know about The Force Awakens? We know it is set 40 years or so after the Return of the Jedi. That means kids from the original cast of characters. That’s why I’m leaning towards seeing some juiced force powers over the speculation of the force slumbering.

I could be completely off base, but damn it would be cool. Also, Rogue Squadron. Please Disney. Give us legitimate space battles. The film releases on December 18, 2015. Your city’s cast of closet Star Wars characters will be lining up about a week before that.

Speculate below. What do you think we will be seeing?


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