Never settle. Candles make for great emergency lights when the power goes out, but an LED lamp always trumps a dozen flickering flames. The issue has been lacking enough batteries to keep the lamps lighting your home.

Lumir C candle LED lamp

Lumir C is aiming to solve both problems. Not settling for candles and giving you an LED lamp that runs without batteries or a plug. How? Taking the candle and using it to power an LED lamp.

Now that’ll bring a smile to eco-friendly people around you. No more batteries clogging landfills, and you get to power your new desktop lamp with your favorite scented candle. Zero batteries. No cords. Great design.

Lumir C’s design is characterized by its subtle lighthouse shape. It’s a fitting nod to a company that wants to solve the issue of blackouts and brownouts that plague developing nations such as India. Depending on the model, you can choose to have LED give off a diffuse glow or opt for the spot top for reading.

Lumir C and One Candle

Most Kickstarter campaigns are about merging what’s hot on the Internet into a product form. The founders of Lumir C wanted to answer the question:

‘What if they can light up a room with just one candle?’

One candle. 1.3 billion people living in darkness around the world. Renewable energy is the end all answer, but why focus on the end goal when a quick fix is staring at us in our house right now.

Candles. The team went to work on creating a lamp that could use the heat energy from a single candle and convert it into electricity to power the LED. Lumir turns on with the lighting of a candle and shuts off when you blow the candle out.

[divider]Lumir C Kickstarter[/divider]

The campaign, with 42 days to go, has already surpassed the halfway mark of its $50,000 goal. Pricing is dependent on the color you select. The matte white is available as an early bird special for $59. You can choose either the spot or the mood Lumir.

A Spot Lumir does what the name implies. You can adjust the direction of the LED that has a brightness of 60 lumens. The mood version is more lamp-ish, giving off a subtle glow through the top light diffuser.

Color options jump the price to $69 and offer matte black, metal navy, metal red, pastel pink and pastel blue. Want a two-pack? The Kickstarter price is $149, and a three-pack is $169 through the campaign.

Lumir C colors

Ship dates are a constant concern for Kickstarter, but the company has its manufacturer and suppliers lined up. Each Lumir C should start making its way to backers in July 2016.

The project looks like a winner. Emergency lights for severe weather are always clunky and end up in the closet to be lost. Lumir is taking the idea of candlelight and adding an LED lamp to light up those nights when the power flickers out.

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