No, soda doesn’t count. High-quality H2O. The Austin-based BSX Athletics is out with a new type of fitness tracker. Your hydration. The idea is to give you a glance at your overall health. And with our bodies being mostly water, a percent or two off can influence your health in a major way.

LVL is a wearable that actually looks damn good. Sorry, drawing on the screen was left out for metrics that really matter. Hydration tracking is its selling point, but it can easily handle tracking activity, heart rate, activity, and mood.

Damn, I thought when I was pissed I needed a Snickers. It turns out I need a bottle of water. Not sure how I feel about this LVL. How about both to cover all fronts?

LVL Features

Flip your current fitness tracker over. You’ll see the blinking green light. It’s that tracking technology that’s been the standard for heart rate tracking. BSX and LVL needed something more powerful to measure hydration. Four years in they developed red light technology as a solution. It also promises to provide more accurate heart rate readings.

The nearly infrared light can measure up to 10-times deeper into your body and tell you to trade in your soda for H2O.

What makes the wearable compelling are the real-time notifications. Slipping below your hydration zone? It will give you friendly reminders to get you back on track. Have another glass of water to not be an ass that evening. It’s a joke, but they should have the API to let the system be passive aggressive.

The real notifications resemble drinking 19oz before your workout for a 4-5% performance boost.

During a workout, LVL is working to measure your sweat rate and will notify you how much you need to drink to stay at peak levels.

After you kick ass in the gym or on the road, heading to bed, LVL will calculate the amount you need to drink before turning out the lights – that involves putting down the damn phone – to increase your chances of a better night’s sleep. My tip? Crank the AC down to around 67 with a ceiling fan on full blast. That helps too.

And when you wake up refreshed, or you have a busy day at school, LVL’s goal is to keep you hydrated for peak cognitive function. Yeah, the triple Starbucks milkshake isn’t helping you pass midterms. Staying hydrated will, though. Dehydration can impact cognitive function by up to 51%.

LVL Style

Three straps for now and none of them have Jony Ive dipping them in whatever the hell I watched during the iPhone 7 announcement. No, Texas keeps it simple. Silicone and your choice between black or brown leather.

LVL hydration tracker style

An OLED touchscreen shows off important information at a glance, and it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth LE.

For the Android users, no worries. Android support will be there at launch alongside iOS. Battery life is estimated up to four days on a single charge, and it is water resistant to IP67. You can’t swim with it on, but riding the roads in the rain is fine.

Kickstarting LVL

Yes, we are in for a wait. But, BSX has proven itself it can deliver and by the June/July 2017 ship date, we should all be months into kicking ass on our New Year’s resolutions, right?

Pricing is a bit opaque due to the Kickstarter saying the tiers are no longer available. Could be a glitch on my side, but the price on a LVL band is $119 in any style. The retail price is set at $199.

Need two? The price hits $219 in any style. Have kids you want to hound about drinking water? Done. A five-pack combo for $495 lets LVL be the nice cop to your bad on the benefits of hydration.

The project has 41 days left, and the funding goal of $50,000 was crushed inside of six hours. It now stands just shy of $200,000.

Head over to the campaign page for more information.

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