Let’s hope this rumor is false. Macotakara, the Japanese rumor site, is posting rumors that the Magsafe adapter and USB 3.0 ports are taking their courage pill and disappearing in the Macbook Pro refresh later this month. For reference, the same site was among the first to predict the audio jack was jumping on the grenade no one tossed.

The site keeps the rumor mill buzzing with reports that both the 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch Macbook Pro will be unveiled at an Apple event later this month. Someone better get to printing the invitations. Oh wait, the printer connects via USB? Well…

If the rumor is true, the new Macbook Pros would only have USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports. Using the latest Macbook as a guide, you’d charge the laptop via the USB-C port and connect any peripherals via Thunderbolt 3.

Don’t worry; Apple has a solution. Until other companies work up the courage to ditch traditional standards, you can buy a $79 USB-C dock which offers the usual ports all peripherals still use. Exactly how much crap does Apple watch hanging off their products?

Keeping the ball rolling on rumors, the much-rumored OLED touch bar is almost a lock on the new Macbook Pros. Maybe that’s the consolation prize when you realize you don’t have a USB port.

Stay tuned. Next year Apple is ditching all the vowels on the keyboard. You’ll have to buy them because Wheel of Fortune was before its time. It’s a joke, but damn. Would you be shocked?

New Macbook Air

Macbook Air Gasping For Air

Rumors have the 11-inch Macbook air being discontinued because of the recently released 12-inch Macbook. That has led to fears the entire line was on the chopping block. Macotakara’s sources have Apple introducing a new 13.3-inch Macbook Air at the same event.

At some point, the Macbook Air line is a goner. Macbooks are getting thinner and the Air line only has room on pricing, and even that is narrowing. We’ll see.

Sound off on your thoughts of Apple ditching USB 3.0 for Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C. Way too many peripherals use standard USB connections and if the rumor is true, does Apple package the USB-C dock with Macbook Pros to hold back any backlash? An OLED touch bar is cool but gimmicky. Ditching ports screws with workflow.

Here’s hoping later this month we get answers. It’s been far too long since Apple refreshed the Macbook Pro line.

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