Hollywood is fresh out of ideas. Yeah, I’m not counting The Player. Sorry Mr. Kane, that premise is idiotic. And I like watching cheesy shows. Yeah, it’s still on my DVR. Damn it NBC, you hooked me.

The land of entertainment is circling back for a giant piece of nostalgia, and CBS has finally embraced the fact their audience is old. Hello, MacGyver reboot. I’ll admit it, I loved some MacGyver. Damn, I’m stuck in a mountain fortress with a tin cup and a ball of twine? $100 says I can build a plane.

Done and done.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting on the possibility of a reboot, and the serious talent behind the scenes. Furious 7 director James Wan is reportedly attached to the project for the pilot.

To infuse a bit of life into the franchise, the series will focus on MacGyver’s early years as a 20-something recruited into a clandestine organization. Ehhh, I don’t know. He has to be pulling the trademark MacGyver tricks. I don’t want to feel like I’m watching CSI if they found a survival magazine.

And, cast it right. For the love of all things MacGyver. He deserves a good reboot. CBS could just remaster the old shows for HD.

For all you young people out there (I’m only 32), here’s when TV was awesome. Or, I lived in desolate areas growing up, and it was just a sheer lack of options.

Which brings us to reboots. If TV has thrown in the towel and looking for shows to reboot, they are missing out on perhaps the greatest TV show ever.

Airwolf, baby.

Yeah, I watched this in syndication, so don’t think my parents were letting their toddler watch a supersonic, stealth helicopter blow stuff up.


That’s all you need to know. A supersonic, stealth helicopter. Does that make any sense? Not at all, but it’s awesome. Designed to look civilian, but with an arsenal of an Apache, it was a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’ What can you say? CBS was just as cheesy back then as they are today.

80s kids? Rejoice in the Airwolf theme.

That’ll be stuck in my head all day.

Come on CBS, bring it back. You know you want to. We finally got rid of most of the CSI shows. Don’t you dare look at NCIS: You Have Too Many scripts. Give us MacGyver, and do kids everywhere a favor. Airwolf all the way.

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