No, it’s not a game of one is not like the other. It’s the opposite. All three share the same director. George Miller.

Thanks, Honest Trailers. You educate me on things I would never think to IMDB. Everyone wanted the voice behind Honest Trailers to do Mad Max: Fury Road. Ask and you shall receive.

We get a glimpse at how a movie titled Mad Max barely has Max in the film. It’s a long ass chase scene, and everyone is extremely wasteful in a post-apocalyptic setting.

It’s amazing. Why? Because you will never be as metal as a dude with a flaming guitar. Not to mention the countless practical stunts, the most insane visuals you’ll see until Star Wars drops and it never lets up after being cranked to the max on action.

mad max fury road screen junkies

Seriously. You sit down and the movie assaults your senses until the very end.

It wouldn’t be Screen Junkies unless they poked fun at some other summer blockbusters. Ok, two blockbusters and one ‘wtf were they thinking?’

Age of Ultron
Jurassic World
and Terminator Genisys
Furiosa’s anguished scream.

Ha, too true, though I loved Jurassic World. Stick around until the end. The outtake is perfect.


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