You thought the Mad Max onslaught was over? Think again. Hitting next-gen consoles (Xbox One and PS4) and PCs on September 1, Mad Max is looking to be one of the better movie tie-in games.

The latest trailer for the ‘Savage Road’ focuses on the story. If you’re a fan of Charlize Theron’s kickass character, Furiosa, you might be a bit disappointed. The character doesn’t make an appearance in the game.

Mad Max: Savage Road is much like its movie counterpart ‘Fury Road.’ Evidently, the roads are even worse in post-apocalyptic Earth.

You play Max, a wanderer in post-apocalyptic Australia in search of his V8 Interceptor stolen by Wasteland tyrant, Scrotus. You get your walkabout on hunting down parts for a new war machine.

Throughout the game, you take on minor warlords and their endless supply of Warboys with your fists and car.

Fighting with your fists is in the style of the Batman ‘Arkham’ games. The game is open world, so having a car is a necessity. You can modify it to use as a weapon, battling other crazy looking vehicles.

If Max is a man of too few words, you will have a talkative sidekick. A mechanic named Chumbucket will be there to pepper the game with dialogue.

mad max story trailer

Lucky for us, the game is pure next-gen. We are finally exiting the cross-generation mess of the past couple of years. Both the Xbox One and PS4 will have their chance to shine.

Will Mad Max be the shining example? Probably not, but it’s from the developers of Just Cause. Explosions, explosions and explosions. Did I mention explosions?

Mark you calendars for its September 1st release date. Here’s hoping Furiosa makes it into a future game.


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