Take a combat system that looks similar to the well implemented Batman/Middle Earth. Toss in some sweet looking vehicular combat. All set in an apocalyptic wasteland.

Meet Mad Max. Warner Bros. Games / Avalanche Studio (the developer behind Just Cause) is giving us our first look at the gameplay for Mad Max. And, it looks good. Really good.

“In Mad Max, you begin with nothing. Your car, your family, your life – everything has been taken from you. Now all that’s left is your will to survive,” says the trailer’s narrator at the beginning of the trailer.

Mad Max isn’t Mad Max without your car. That’s the first thing you will tackle in the game. Avalanche Studio teases deep car customization in the trailer above. Everything from your ramming grill to tires can be upgraded.

Mad Max vehicle upgrades

mad max vehicles

This customization extends to your character. Armor and weapons upgrades are highlighted in the trailer.

mad max combat upgrades

Mad Max combat

The combat looks very similar to Batman and more recently Middle Earth. It’s not the most challenging combat system, but it looks good and is fun to play. Melee weapons are featured heavily throughout the trailer.

Other upgrades will increase Max’s health and the increase the chances of finding ammo while scavenging.

Mad Max’s gameplay is looking pretty good. Avalanche Studios has proven they can make a good open world game with Just Cause. Let’s hope Mad Max is just as good as Just Cause.

Mad Max will release on September 1 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Warner Bros picked a good release date. Gives all of us something to play before the usual holiday onslaught.

Check out the latest Mad Max movie trailer below. A good looking Mad Max movie and video game in 2015? Am I dreaming?


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