Madden NFL 16 Ad Is a Movie I’d Watch

Madden The Movie

Traditional advertising for Madden just doesn’t work anymore. It’s a football game. There’s only so many new features you can add to a game that never changes. Last year, EA tapped Kevin Hart, Dave Franco, Colin Kaepernick and more for what was one of the craziest advertisements at the time.

One year later and EA is upping the bar. This time with Madden: The Movie. This go around, Dave Franco and Colin Kaepernick are joined by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Julio Jones, Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown and Rex Ryan.

Furious 7 meets Bollywood meets Guardians of the Galaxy in this insane four and a half minute trailer. If that doesn’t convince you to watch it, how about Colin Kaepernick playing Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman? It’s as absurd as it sounds, and it’s awesome.

Hell, I feel like playing some Madden now after watching it. Xbox One owners who are also EA Access members can play a 10-hour trial starting right now. Madden NFL 16 hits stores on August 25th.

Madden The Movie
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