And it’s green. What did you expect with a partnership between Maingear and Razer? The accent lighting was always going to be green. And to go mad on the spec side, expect to spend a lot of green.

Enough with colors. Maingear’s R1 Razer is about power. Like its siblings, the R1 can be customized with damn near any component to lock whatever game you can think of at 60fps.

Each R1 Razer is built by one Maingear employee in New Jersey. You have to love the tagline: One man. One machine. Side benefit is you know who to point to if a component is DOA. No hiding behind the layers of what is supposedly tech support at another company.

Maingear R1 Razer Specs

You already know it won’t be cheap, so let’s get to the goods. If the standard cooling system isn’t enough, customers can choose between two variants of liquid cooling. One using PETG tubing, or the company’s SUPERSTOCK metal hardline tubing. That’s a bit extreme, but if your checking account can take it, play on.

specs on Maingear R1 Razer

Maingear feels for those Twitch and YouTube streamers who have to deal with the sound of their GPU winding up like it’s an F-18 prepping for a catapult launch. The liquid cooling systems and case design allow for gamers to crank the settings while enjoying the serenity of fans not having a damn heart attack. No, the only sound your viewers will get is your commentary. Hmmm. Maybe the GPU spinning up isn’t such a bad thing.

Performance. 4K gaming. VR-ready. The buzzwords we all hear and the R1 spec’d out is ready for both. I’d lean towards 4K gaming over VR, but the benefit is you need the same power for both.

Each R1 offers up the latest in Intel Core i7 processors, your choice of Nvidia or AMD GPUs, Kingston DDR4 RAM and plenty of storage options. Somehow the backlash against always on gaming turned into us downloading massive Day 1 patches to make the game work. Funny how that works.

Maingear R1 Razer Pricing

Yeah, it’s time to rain on the parade. 4K gaming and VR-ready in Razer green aren’t cheap. The H110 or Z170 that’s recommended for performance gaming starts at $999. If you already have a monitor, it does come with a GTX 1060, 8GB of RAM and a TB of storage and an i5 6500 CPU. Not bad for $999, but the whole idea of build-a-PC is to be absurd with the options. If it ain’t dimming the lights when you turn it on, you did something wrong.

Let’s play with the settings and get an absurd system. Starting at $3,599, Maingear promises the ultimate Skylake gaming PC. The base model still has the i5. That dog just won’t hunt. Bump it to the i7 6700k for an extra $200.

You can’t talk custom metal tubing for liquid cooling and not add it to the system. Add another $199 to the asking price. RAM gets a bump from 8GB to 32GB for $449.00.

Maingear Razer PC case

A GTX 1070 as the stock GPU? Nah, let’s go absurd and SLI two GTX 1080’s for an extra $1,115.00. The dual liquid cooling setup will add $399.00. Powering the beast will be a 1200 Watt Corsair power supply for an additional $325.00.

Graphics, CPU, and RAM are maxed out. What about storage. May as well make it RAID 0 for speed. Two 1TB Samsung EVOs add just over a $1000 to the asking price.

It would be weird to have a 4K system without a 4K monitor. A 28-inch 4K Samsung adds another $699.00.

Rounding out the build is the Razer Blackwidow X Chroma gaming keyboard for $160.00. Toss in the Razer Mamba Tournament mouse and the build is complete.

Total price? $8,285.00 of holy shit, you spent what on a computer? And if you grab one today, the ship date is set for October, plenty of time to spare before the holiday game rush hits. Though $8K+ on a computer and you may find yourself waiting for the Steam sales.

Can you build it cheaper? Of course. You can cut corners and look for sales. But if you want to hit the easy button and future proof a gaming rig, Maingear offers that option. And free shipping. All orders over $1999 get free ground shipping and a t-shirt. See? There are deals to be had.

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