Major League Gaming, one of the largest e-sports organizations in the U.S., is taking its talents worldwide. They have announced a partnership with Grupo Águia to launch its first international franchise, MLG Brasil.

Major League Gaming has been around for more than 10 years in the U.S. What started as small Halo tournaments grew into a massive operation that includes games from multiple genres, sold out venues and more. MLG has seen successful partnerships with other leagues in Europe and Asia. Now, they look to take on the largest market in Latin America.

According to the press statement, “The collaboration kicks off with support for the Call of Duty Championship Brazilian Online Qualifiers on February 16 and 23. MLG Brasil will coordinate with MLG in the US to facilitate the online qualifiers as teams aim to advance to the Call of Duty Championship in Los Angeles from March 28-30.”

In the months ahead, MLG Brasil will start holding online and in-person tournaments that will be broadcasted through MLG.TV.

“MLG has built a new culture of competition and revolutionized the market by creating an innovative broadcasting platform similar to traditional sports. We are pleased to be entering into this growing industry with the global leader in the space,” said Paulo Castello Branco Filho, MLG Brasil CEO.

These type of expansions and partnerships will only grow. Twitch has made competitive gaming even bigger and MLG has fostered that growth by hosting some of the largest tournaments in the U.S.

To give you an idea of how big Twitch has become, they ranked fourth in internet traffic for the week ending February 3rd. That was more than Hulu and Facebook.

Check out to get an idea of how big streaming and competitive gaming has become. Lionsgate recently sponsored an MLG tournament through Twitch and MLG for Starcraft 2. And, it looks like the movie 3 Days to Kill, is advertising through the most popular competitive Call of Duty team this weekend. These types of sponsorships and advertising will continue to grow as advertisers look for new ways to get the attention of young people.


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