SNL back to being funny? Yeah, it happened Saturday night with a new round of digital shorts. Jim Carrey did the honors, ripping the Lincoln commercials that star Matthew McConaughey. It’s a parody on top of a parody.

The real commercials have the Oscar-winner deep in his Rust Cohle character from HBO’s True Detective. The commercials succeed in getting you to want more McConaughey in True Detective, but maybe not a Lincoln.

Carrey does a spot on impression of the actor, saying that buying a Lincoln doesn’t make sense, unless you’re an Uber driver. SNL loved the parody so much, they made it a running joke throughout SNL Saturday night. Carrey made a total of three fake ads for Lincoln.

It probably won’t have you rushing to the local Lincoln dealership, but it reminding us that SNL does have its moments of humor still. Take a look at the parody below, and let us know what you think.


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