Malaysia’s Massive Snake is No Shock
Malaysia reticulated python

Put yourselves in the shoes of a Malaysian construction worker. You’re working near a construction site when a 26-foot long snake is discovered under a fallen tree. Yep, I would be calling it quits for the rest of the day.

python in malaysia

Malaysia’s civil defense force was called in to help wrangle the ridiculously huge snake. 30 minutes later, and it was successfully captured. Sadly, the large snake wouldn’t live long. Three days after its capture, the snake died after laying eggs according to the BBC.

One member of the defense force told the BBC the python measured 26.2 feet and tipped the scales at 551 pounds.

It was a reticulated python

The snake’s species helps explain its massive size. Reticulated pythons are known to be one of the world’s longest snake and reptile. They aren’t the heaviest, though. The average giant anaconda typically weighs more than a reticulated python of the same length. Still, I’m keeping my distance from both.

In fact, the Guinness World Record for longest snake (in captivity) is a reticulated python in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s called Medusa and measures 25 feet 2 inches long.

Medusa reticulated python

What does a 350-pound snake measuring more than 25 feet long eat for lunch? You think feeding your dog is expensive? Medusa feasts on rabbits, hogs and deer. Medusa has no problem eating a 40-pound deer in one sitting. As for people? Reticulated pythons are nonvenomous constrictors and don’t usually mess with us. But, because of how big some of them can be – they can kill adults.

Here’s another previous world-record holder. Fluffy was a reticulated python at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It died back in 2010 of an apparent tumor. The snake was 18 years old and still stretched 24 feet long.

If you’ve ever in the Kansas City area and want to see Medusa, head to the haunted house attraction The Edge of Hell. Yeah, because haunted houses weren’t creepy enough. Let’s toss in a huge ass snake on top of it. I think I’ll pass.

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