Black Marlin is a Jet Ski for the One Percent

Black Marlin jet ski

That moment when you know a regular Sea-Doo or jet ski just won’t do…

Mansory Design, the luxury car modification studio based in Germany, has gone completely off the rails with a Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS. You can’t help but laugh and wish you had one. And the Range Rover to tow it. You can’t haul it around with a Honda SUV.

Black Marlin Sea-Doo

Making liberal use of carbon fiber, Mansory cut the weight of the standard Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS by 20 pounds. It also cuts one hell of a unique look shredding the lake. Every feature is enjoying an upgrade. The seat? Completely redesigned from seawater-resistant artificial leather.

Black Marlin modified jet ski

Should you even take it out on the water? Oh yes. You should. The mean looks are coupled with a hefty upgrade to the Rotax powerplant. The final numbers should top out at 550 horsepower.

The stock Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS? Its Rotax could hit 260 HP. Here’s a taste of how fast the stock engine will run.

And Mansory is putting 550 HP and cutting 20 pounds off the total weight? You’d have to strap yourself on the damn thing not to fly off. Yet, I want one just to see how fast.

Mansory Black marlin

Price tag? $62,000. How sick would feel if you bumped it against the dock? It’s meant to be seen on, but if someone thinks they are outrunning you, push the throttle and show them what a sixty grand jet ski can do

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