Dish Network offering Netflix via the set-top box is sure to make customers happy. Who doesn’t hate figuring out where the input button is on TV remote? The announcement makes Dish Network the first pay-TV provider to offer Netflix streaming through its DVR.

Before you think you’re getting Netflix as a bonus, you’re not. You still have to pay for it. All this does is remove a barrier to entry. Smart TVs or other streaming devices will no longer be needed. Yeah, hooking my MacBook up via a HDMI is a pain, so bring it on other providers.

Once you link your Netflix account, using Netflix is a button push away. Hit the blue button and just select Netflix from the menu. If you are the type that uses search for video on demand and your DVR, Dish is indicating that Netflix content “could be integrated into the search functionality across live, recorded, and Video On Demand programs for both the Hopper as well as Dish’s forthcoming OTT service.”

Dish Network and Netflix

What’s interesting about this announcement is Dish Network is prepping its own streaming service. So, this only makes financial sense if the company is convinced its offering is unique enough from Netflix not to poach potential customers.

This immediately begs the question, what is Dish planning on offering? Additional programming? It wants to capture the market that isn’t afraid to lose live TV, but the company is placing a competitor within the reach of a button.

Dish Network isn’t doing this for convenience sake. We will see if its confidence in the streaming offering is justified when it launches.

In the meantime, those with second-generation hopper set-top boxes can link their accounts today.

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