Looking for something to hold you over until the next season of Game of Thrones? Netflix has you covered with its latest original series, Marco Polo. Keep this up Netflix, and I’m going to start demanding that all network TV be on this level.

Releasing December 12, the series follows the Netflix template. Why watch just one episode when you can binge on all 10. Netflix is like the Golden Corral of TV. All you can watch, with the promise of feeling terrible after getting off the couch following 10 hours of being lazy.

So, why the Game of Thrones comparison. Soaring visuals, dark, lots of violence and just as much sex. Ok, so there aren’t dragons. The historical fiction show follows a young Marco Polo in the court of Kublai Khan. Lorenzo Richelmy plays the title character, and the show was created by John Fusco.

With this release, Netflix is starting to piece together a typical season run of network TV via its original programming. Granted, you can binge watch, but Marco Polo flows into House of Cards, that then goes into Bloodline.

Carve out the weekend of December 12 to enjoy what should be another hit from Netflix. Check out the trailer below.


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