Fashionably late? Maserati is entering into the SUV market with the Levante. Should Land Rover, Mercedes, et al. worry? A qualified ‘maybe.’ The Maserati Levante is in its announcement phase, and not much is known about the vehicle. Talking comparisons would be premature.

We had the production photos leak, and Maserati jumped in with its own images to control the message as we approach the Geneva Motor Show in March. It’s finally happening after fans and enthusiasts have been teased about a Maserati SUV since 2011 with the Kubang concept.

Maserati Levante

Here’s what we know. The SUV will come in three engine trims – gasoline and diesel. Leaked photos have it sporting two versions of a 2.9-liter V6. The diesel variant also comes in at a 2.9-liter V6.

It all comes down to power. Again, not confirmed, but rumors put the horsepower at 430 for at least on the gasoline variants. Diesel comes in at 275 horsepower.

Maserati is radio silent on anything related to the engines, and which of the productions models we will see in the United States.

maserati levante side view

maserati levante front view

maserati levante suv rear view

How about a few hard facts Maserati is willing to let out? The Levante will be produced at the company’s Turin, Italy plant. It will come standard with an eight-speed transmission and all-wheel-drive.

Right…. Because I dream of taking a Maserati off-road. The AWD is for those days when the Napa winery has a gravel driveway. Please don’t be that person who decides it’s hilarious to plow through the mud in what is sure to be flirting with a six-figure price tag.

Maserati Style

It’s a Maserati. You didn’t expect the thing to be ugly, did you? The trident logo is front and center on the grill, and you can tell the design engineers wanted the sports car silhouette in an SUV package. Mission accomplished.

Inside, expect the Maserati touch. Luxury with a side of luxury. It’s what they do. As for hauling around the crew, look somewhere else. It has room for four adults, but those expecting to transport the extended family are looking at the wrong automaker.

Pricing? Not yet, but expect that to change at the Geneva Motor Show.

There, we will get a look inside, under the hood and everything in-between. And hopefully, firm up a release date and what models we can expect in showrooms.

Now, let me dream of buying one in black with black rims.

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