Another day, another short video showing barely any Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay. We are less than two months away, and we still haven’t seen a good gameplay reveal. Just teases on top of teases. Here’s a 28-second trailer showing 25 seconds of BS I don’t give a damn about.

You know EA, if you showed more than a few glimpses of gameplay – people might pre-order the game. Just a thought.

The few snippets of gameplay we do see look a lot like the multiplayer from Mass Effect 3. We see waves with different objectives. The first tease shows what looks like a basic elimination wave. The second shows an objective-based wave (Data Transfer) with a time limit.

Powers are mapped to LB, RB and LB + RB. Medpacs, ammo and other skills are mapped to the d-pad.

So yeah, that’s about all we can see. The co-op multiplayer was a blast in Mass Effect 3, and it looks to be more of the same in Mass Effect: Andromeda. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I do want to touch on the pre-order bonuses. Besides the normal skins and stuff, a booster pack is also included. Before everyone starts losing their minds thinking Mass Effect is turning into Call of Duty, these same booster packs were in Mass Effect 3. You could either buy them with in-game credits or for cash. I think the price breakdown was between $0.99 – $2.99 per pack. Look for a similar approach in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Everyone will be screaming the usual “don’t pre-order” line today. Lucky for us, EA Access is giving us 10 hours of gameplay. I imagine the breakdown will be similar to Battlefield 1. A piece of single-player and a big chunk of multiplayer. Regardless, it’s more than enough time to figure out if Mass Effect: Andromeda is worth the money.

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EA and Bioware aren’t showing much gameplay, but we’ll all see plenty soon enough.

Those looking for your co-op fix will have two AAA games to choose from shortly. Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Which one are you more excited to play? I’m siding with Mass Effect until Ubisoft decides to tell us where the hell competitive multiplayer is at with Ghost Recon.

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