Over 100 planets can be discovered in Mass Effect: Andromeda, but not all of them are playable. Most are just there to look pretty and for us to scan with our ship. Bioware is going a little further than previous entries by letting us travel to them and dream of gameplay while starting outside the ship’s windows.

Bioware says of the 100+ worlds in Andromeda, a “handful of beautifully crafted worlds can be landed on.” Today, a new Mass Effect video breaks down the worlds we’ll play on.

Dubbed Golden Worlds, these planets were selected for their viability to support life.

Habitat 1 imagines a world a lot like the American Southwest except planet wide. Dry with rock formations towering into the sky. Underground rivers give the planet the much needed water element to support life. Despite its appearance, the temperatures on Habitat 1 aren’t too extreme and should make a perfect home for the Krogan.

The Exploration & Discovery gameplay series video gives us a good look at Habitat 1, or Elaaden.

We’ve seen brief snippets from some of the other worlds, but nothing like the footage from Elaaden.

More planets/moons?

IGN’s recent footage of Peebee’s loyalty mission suggests so. You and your crew crash land on a desolate world covered in volcanic activity. It definitely does not look like any of the seven Golden Worlds.

It appears Bioware designed smaller environments for missions such as this one. You’ll notice IGN’s footage doesn’t show the land vehicle we’ve seen plenty of.

It’s a pretty good bet we’ll see more worlds we can play smaller missions on. I doubt Bioware would only design one loyalty mission to take place on different planet/moon. Then again, that’s also assuming this world isn’t somehow part of one of the Golden Worlds. If it was, why didn’t the crew just land the ship?

We won’t know exactly how many planets we can land and play on until Andromeda hits later this month. Bioware’s own videos describe it as a “handful.” Let’s hope they are underselling it a bit here. If we assume each of the Golden Worlds is playable, plus a few smaller environments for loyalty missions – we’re looking at maybe ten different environments. That would be a solid amount. Plus, plenty of eye candy with the other 100 planets/moons/points of interest.

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