Imagine the perfect shot with your brand new or favorite DSLR. Now attach hiking to that scenario. Or Kayaking. Running. Anything outdoors that demands a pack.

Will your perfect shot hold in the time it takes you to unshoulder a backpack and grab your camera? The answer for most shots is a definitive no. Perfection is fleeting. The compromise is to have your camera out at all times.

That sounds great until your $2,000 camera swings into a rock thanks to the neck strap. Fun times.

Matador Camera Base Layer

Is there a happy middle of protection and instant access? Matador hopes so with the Base Layer from the company.

matador camera base layer camera bag

There isn’t any ballistic protection in the down padded technical shell, but it protects against the random bumps and scrapes. The integrated rainfly means no more worrying about the sudden rain shower ruining your gear.

Best of all? Your camera is out of the shell in less than a second. It’s all about balance. You don’t want your camera out, swinging in the elements. But, it doesn’t belong packed away at all times with your bevy of lenses.

The Matador Camera Base Layer fits nearly all DSLR and Micro 4/3 cameras and lens combinations. No, you’re not slapping a massive telephoto lens and the roll top design fitting over it. Be realistic and you’re covered.

matador camera base layer sizes

Another benefit of the base layer is the ability to leave your camera bag at home. Do you find yourself using a specific lens? Attach it, roll the base layer over and go. It works with all camera straps to instantly transform into a lightweight (68 grams) camera bag.

matador camera base layer features

No more hauling bricks? Sign me up.

Pricing on the Matador Base Layer is $60. Not bad considering it fills a niche most photographers dream of. Protection without sacrificing time. It won’t survive a long drop, but you bumping into a rock while hiking?

It has your back. And more importantly, your camera’s back.

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