I’ll admit it. I’m a Star Wars nerd. Did I have goosebumps when the trailer aired yesterday? You damn right I did. It hit every note perfectly. The score. The imagery. X-Wings and TIE Fighters. An armored Sith.

Oh, and Han Solo and Chewbacca back on the Millenium Falcon. Unless there is a monumental catastrophe waiting in the edit, this movie will be incredible.

Will it win an Oscar for best picture? Nah, but who cares? Disney owns LucasFilms and can sit back to collect an obscene amount of money.

As with all hyped trailers, the reaction videos and GIFs come as soon as the trailer fades to black. The best one? YouTuber oskararnarson mashed up Matthew McConaughey’s character from Interstellar as he watched videos from home.

Instead of checking to see how Murph was doing, we get treated to an overlay of the second teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Yeah, those were my reactions too. The silly grin watching the tracking shot and seeing the crashed Star Destroyer and X-Wing. Did I cry seeing Chewie and Han? No, but the nostalgia hit hard and I’m completely maxed on my hype meter for the year.

Watching his character wave at the Sith and the ranks of Stormtroopers was hilarious.

Matthew McConaughey star wars

And yes, I’ve already watched the trailer an absurd amount of time with Alex – pausing to pick out any little detail frame by frame. Don’t judge.

I know you want to watch it again, so here’s the trailer. Already 20 million views and it hasn’t even been out a full 24 hours.

I’m not admitting to how many of those views were mine. Someone might throw me into rehab or Star Wars Anonymous.


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