Mecum, why ya gotta be so mean? Ford Mustang fans will need one hell of a checking account when Mecum rolls into Indianapolis in May. Mecum Auctions will have the first-ever hardtop Mustang produced. Only a handful of the 1965 pre-production Ford Mustangs exist, and it’s on the auction block.

The Mustang on the block was the first to receive a VIN (Serial no. 00002). The 00001 belongs to the iconic 1965 Mustang Convertible which is owned by Ford. It’ll never see the inside of an auction house.

Mecum Mustang Details

Painted in Caspian blue, it features the inline-six paired with a three-speed manual transmission. The car is sitting on 13-inch wheels and will hit the airwaves on NBCSN.

mecum first hardtop ford mustang

interior of pre-production 1965 mustang

Here’s a bit of lowrider to get you in the mood to watch history made in May.

Let’s ride.

What would you do if you owned it? It’s the first ever sold, could you bring yourself to customize it? I couldn’t. A serial number of 00002 means it has to stay in its original condition. Those who dream of John Wick’s ‘69 Mustang should buy cheap and go wild on customization.

engine bay of mecum 1955 mustang

Read more about the story behind the pre-production ’65 Mustang over at Mecum.

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