Meet BeachBot – Sand Artists’ Newest Competition
Meet BeachBot - Sand Artists’ Newest Competition

We’ve all drawn lines in the sand at the beach. Some of us are artists, most of us just scribble away whatever we drew. Well, this little robot puts most of us to shame.

Meet BeachBot


Disney Research came up with the idea and worked with a student team at ETH Zurich to bring it to life.

Imagine a Roomba-sized robot drawing in the sand and you are on the right track. BeachBot has an ingenious way to prevent it from leaving tracks as it moves. Balloon wheels.

A controllable rake at the back of the robot is where all the magic happens. Each pin can be individually controlled allowing the controller to change the thickness of the line being drawn. Here it is in action.


BeachBot uses depth sensing and inertial measurement unit technology to keep its bearings while drawing.

Disney says artwork can be pre-programmed or you can take it for a spin yourself in manual control. It probably won’t make you a better artist, but at least your lines will be straighter.

The BeachBot will be “deployed at a public beach to amaze beachgoers who pass by,” reads a press release. No word yet on where exactly Disney and the ETH Zurich team will be showing it.

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