Beats by Dre is cutting the headphone cord in its latest product. The PowerBeats2 Wireless will plug into your iPhone or other device via Bluetooth. These earphones are being marketed to athletes according to Beats, but Beats has moved mainstream in recent years.

Beats will become even more mainstream following the $3 billion buyout by Apple.

The new wireless earphones are sweat and water-resistant. Perfect for your workout or hanging out in humid climates.

All of the common controls are available on Powerbeats2 Wireless including volume and track skipping. Incoming phone call? Powerbeats2 Wireless also works as a Bluetooth headset. The Powerbeats2 will deliver the “signature” Beats audio. Beats headphones are known for their emphasis on bass, and the company promises the earphones will deliver.

The Beats by Dre product page touts the earphones were “inspired by Lebron James.” Yeah. Lebron’s bank account was inspired following the Beats/Apple deal. Reports put King James’ take at $30 million.

Apple didn’t have any input into Beats latest product. Expect future products to have an Apple influence though.

Powerbeats2 will go on sale next month and will retail at $199.95. Colors to choose from include black, red or white.


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