The same way a Prius does. Undoubtedly gorgeous and built on the G-class platform, the Mercedes Maybach G650 Landaulet is not an off-road vehicle. It’s limited to 99 units worldwide, and its pedigree is straight from the AMG performance division of Mercedes.

Mercedes Maybach G650 Landaulet mud

Under the hood is an AMG V12 putting out 621 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque. Gotta have the power to drive the four-wheel-drive system. No denying that. But head inside the beast, and it gets absurd in a hurry.

It’s a convertible, and because it’s a Maybach, damn right it has an electric fabric top that folds down at the touch of a button. The rear seats each have dedicated calf rests, can be fully reclined and offer heated massages. Yeah, Jeep fans are looking on in disbelief.

Toss in twin 10-inch entertainment systems, a fold-out writing surface and a glass partition for maximum privacy. A glass partition is exactly what you want in an off-road vehicle. It does go from transparent to opaque for privacy.

Mercedes Maybach G650 Landaulet top down

Price. Unknown at this time but take the most expensive G-Class at $230K. Add the Maybach badge, and it’s limited to 99 units. We are looking at no less than a double and possibly quite a bit more.

$500-600K for an off-road vehicle. It better be the baddest expedition vehicle around. A custom Mercedes Unimog? Sure. A Maybach 4X4? That’s insane. You can buy a Jeep for $30K and do everything it can do minus the heated massages. Though. Some custom Jeep builders can get a little crazy.

Would you drive it? The G650 Landaulet may be absurd, but come on. If we didn’t have to pay for one, each of us would be ripping up the trails in the most luxurious 4X4 ever. There’s always the Powerball.

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