Mercedes is getting into the pickup truck market. For casual consumers stateside, the idea sounds odd, but the automaker is behind the Unimog. The vehicle class takes off-road to the extreme. Mercedes has the off-road credentials. We just never see it much in the states. It’s a luxury brand.

Unfortunately, it will remain that way thanks to zero US launch plans for the X-Class pickup. Mercedes, what are you doing. I live in Alabama. The first car I drove around was a pickup truck. Yeah, I moved here and immediately became the stereotype.

Mercedes X-Class Pickup Truck city style

Mercedes X-Class Pickup Truck

The images aren’t final, but the automaker is aiming for late 2017 deliveries in two distinct variants – one styled for the city and one made for off-roading. While the style is different, the X-Class will be powered by a V-6 and feature all-wheel drive. The modern conveniences and safety features found in a Mercedes today will be in the truck.

Mercedes X-Class Pickup Truck rugged variant

Mercedes is placing the truck in its Vans lineup, but a white panel van and the X-Class don’t exactly share style aesthetics.

Mercedes X-Class Pickup Truck city style rear

Final models and pricing are still up in the air as the company works to finalize the concept. Europe gets to enjoy the pickup life in late 2017. My pick is the rugged variant. Out of the concept images, it looks more like a pickup truck you’d toss 40 bags of mulch in the bed without a second thought.

The X-Class pickup will be one to watch as Mercedes rolls them out next year. Just make sure they jump the pond and end up in the states.

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