The casting for the Steve Jobs biopic has more rumors than a damn Apple launch. At least with movies, we are not arguing over screen size and whether or not that Apple Watch is a must buy or a ‘I seriously paid how much for this?’

So, we know Christian Bale bowed out of the movie before negotiations had even started. Crank up the rumor mill to 100. The latest in early talks to play Steve Jobs? Michael Fassbender. Reports have his talks in the early stages, but I like this direction. He’s famous, but not Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt tabloid famous.

If he is cast, you won’t get the visceral reaction that many had when Affleck was cast to play Batman. Fassbender is both a safe choice and a great one. The guy can act, and he would fit well with how the movie will be set.

Early details point to the movie having three distinct scenes revolving around important events in Apple’s history. The first will be the launch of the Mac. Act two will revolve around Steve’s time at NeXT, after he was ousted from Apple. The final act will be his resurrection of Apple with the launch of the iPod.

‘Steve Jobs’ is being directed by Danny Boyle, and written by Aaron Sorkin. Other casting rumors have Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak. Those rumours haven’t even been commented on, so take that with a huge grain of salt.

As for a release date? The film has to nail down the cast before Sony will start thinking about placing the film on the calendar. It’s doubtful as a summer release, so expect it sometime in the fall, possibly next year.


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