Ubisoft is killing it right now. But, before Rainbow Six: Siege, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and now Far Cry 5 – there was Splinter Cell. And Splinter Cell isn’t Splinter Cell without Michael Ironside. Lucky for us, Mr. Ironside is back as the ultimate spy badass Sam Fisher.

Earlier this week, Ubisoft gave us all a glimpse of their plans for the second year of Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Four major updates – dubbed Special Operations – will be released for free. Each one focusing on a specific theme and packed with new missions, items, and more.

Today, the publisher shows it’s not messing around. The first special operation is coming on April 10th and will feature Fisher in some way. Check out the teaser.

Damn, I just got chills.

Fisher is heading to Bolivia and is getting an assist from ‘The Ghosts.’ Please Ubisoft, let us play as Sam Fisher. Even if it’s just for one mission.

And please let this be a sneak peek at what’s coming from the Ubisoft presser at E3. A new Splinter Cell with the Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer mode? With the way Ubisoft is delivering these days? Sign me the hell up!

Full info about the Splinter Cell/Ghost Recon crossover is coming on April 9. And if you haven’t picked up Wildlands yet, do it. It was a little rough early on, but co-op with friends is fantastic, and the multiplayer is criminally overlooked.

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