Mick Gordon’s DOOM Eternal Soundtrack Tease Sounds Like More Of The Awesome Same

DOOM Eternal doomguy

Bethesda gave us a fantastic extended look at DOOM Eternal last night. And you could hear pieces of DOOM’s epic riffs in between watching demons get blasted every which way. But audio mastermind Mick Gordon wasn’t going to leave fans empty-handed. He jumped on Twitter to drop a 30-second video with the music cranked.

It doesn’t get better than that. While Halo Infinite brought the goosebumps, the 30 seconds above makes you want to Rip and Tear. DOOM 2016 (minus the multiplayer) was as close to perfection as you can get in gaming. The gameplay was an absolute blast, and Mick Gordon crushed the soundtrack.

Fun fact: the initial brief to Gordon for the DOOM 2016 soundtrack stated the team wanted no guitars. Well, id Software changed their minds in a hurry once they heard what Gordon could do with them.

Gordon’s 1-hour presentation at GDC a couple of years ago is well worth the watch. It’s incredible seeing the stages DOOM’s music went through before coming together in the final product. And that final product created one of the most memorable openings ever.

DOOM Eternal is following up one of the best pure shooters in recent memory. The 14 minutes we saw last night shows the folks at id Software are up to the challenge. And with Mick Gordon back at the helm for the soundtrack, the music damn sure will be up to the challenge.

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