Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled its take on the health/quality of life market with the Microsoft Band. Here’s 4 things you need to know about Microsoft’s latest gadget.

You can buy one today

The Microsoft Band goes on sale today and will be available at Microsoft’s physical and online stores. It retails for $199.

A new platform, Microsoft Health

Along with Microsoft Band, the tech giant introduced Microsoft Health. It includes a cloud service that will store and combine various stats to produce interesting ‘insights.’ Microsoft highlighted a few of these in a post announcing the platform.

Some stats, at launch, will include which exercises were the most effective during a workout. What kind of recovery time is needed based on your workout, and how much restful sleep versus restless sleep you had last night.

Microsoft says this “Intelligence Engine will get smarter” over time. Here’s a few more ‘insights’ the Microsoft Band can give you as you wear it.

Fitness performance relative to work schedule.

Whether eating breakfast helps you run faster.

If the number of meetings during the day impacts sleep quality.

Microsoft’s Companion App (Microsoft Health) Works on iOS, Android and Windows

Microsoft is leaving no potential consumer behind with the Microsoft Band. Health is a cross-platform cloud service that works on iOS, Android and Windows.

It’s a smart move by Microsoft. Don’t limit yourself to just your ecosystem. Go after all of them.

You won’t need a Microsoft Band to take advantage of Microsoft Health.

Health works with Android phones, Android Wear watches and the iPhone 6’s motion processor.

It’s not only about health/fitness

Microsoft Band isn’t just for exercising and sleeping. You can monitor your emails, get calendar alerts, or use Cortana (Microsoft’s virtual assistant) to set reminders or give you driving directions.

Text messages appear right on your wrist, as do incoming calls.

Microsoft released a short video about the Microsoft Band. Check it out below.

The key for Microsoft will be advertising the Microsoft Band as more than just a fitness device. Tell people about all of its other functionality (Cortana, email/text message monitoring and more).


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