So it ends. The reign of clip art dotting your coworkers horrid PowerPoint or Word doc is over. Microsoft announced that it is shutting down the Clip Art service in favor of Bing Images. Users will be able to download royalty free images to spice up their docs and slideshows.

Why the death of Clip Art? Well, no one uses it anymore. In a post announcing the death, Microsoft alluding to the usage decline. “Usage of Office’s image library has been declining year-to-year as customers rely more on search engines.”

How do you access Bing Images from the document?

If you have Office 2013 or later, just click ‘insert’ and select ‘online pictures.’ Older versions use the ‘clip art’ selector, though it will lead you to Bing Images. Easy transition, though it doesn’t mean your presentation is going to be amazing. Microsoft doesn’t account for taste.

Using an iMac with Word 2008, I still have access to all the old-school clipart. Then again, the act of turning on a Microsoft product on a Mac angers the tech gods. I need an update, though I don’t remember the last time I fired up Word.

So, TAPS for Clip Art. Designers rejoice, and students can make that presentation on the Egyptian pyramids look damn awesome. As for the ‘screen beans?’ They are finally banished to the design netherworld.

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