Thousands of Microsoft Flight Simulator fans have reason to smile today. Dovetail Games, the studio behind the Train Simulator series, will trade the train tracks for the open skies. Dovetail Games have announced a global licensing deal with Microsoft which gives them the rights to develop new games using the tech from Microsoft’s games.

Dovetail’s first game is slated for a 2015 release, but that’s about all we know at this point. Besides working on an entirely new game, Dovetail is also bringing 2006’s Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition to Steam. The title will be called Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition and will include the content from the Deluxe Edition and Acceleration expansion pack.

Expect Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition sometime in late 2014. Those looking for feature improvements will be disappointed. Gamespot reports that Dovetail will not include major improvements. Bug fixes will be the primary focus along with getting the multiplayer up and running. Flight Simulator X used GameSpy for multiplayer, which shut down earlier this summer.

This announcement points to a recommitment to PC gaming Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, hinted at earlier this year. The newest flight sim game might not be coming from Microsoft directly, but they have put it in the simulator capable hands of Dovetail Games.

Just stay away from Microsoft’s pathetic Microsoft Flight attempt in 2012 and you’ll already be well on your way to success, Dovetail.

Excited for the return of Microsoft Flight Simulator? Sound off in the comments. Also, what other games would you like to see Microsoft announce in this recommitment to PC gaming? A real Age of Empires game would be nice.


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