I’m Not 40! Microsoft Launches Self-Esteem Killing Age Guessing Tool
how old microsoft

Microsoft is showing off the power of its Azure API and Machine Learning with the launch of How-Old.net. It’s also your new way to kill boredom at the office. How old are you? Well, Microsoft says you look 80.

Show me your birth certificate. President Obama is looking at his daily briefing wondering where the hell this was in 2008. Sorry, Mr. President. The birth location feature isn’t live.

The tool is simple to use. Go through the limitless selfies you have stored, upload one to the tool and either rejoice in what it prints or recoil in horror.

You can also load up images of your friends, or a favorite celebrity. You guessed it. It’s a time sink. And for Microsoft, that’s a victory. People enjoying a Microsoft experiment? The company will take that.

how old app

The Internet is having a blast with the results. Twitter is filled with people posting various results:



The comments on this one are hilarious.


Of course. Zombies. You can count on the Internet always making its way to zombies.


How-Old.net can also take a stab at your gender. Read about how the experiment came about at TechNet.

If your day is too awesome, see if How-Old.net can knock you down a peg or two. Or, you could have computer evidence of your youthful glow.

A PSA to all the boyfriends and husbands out there? Tread carefully.

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