Just how many machines are running Windows 10? The official word from Microsoft is within the first 24 hours, 14 million machines had grabbed the free update. Not bad. But what about the whispers?

It’s still the weekend, so you’re not going to get announcements from a company on a Sunday, but Friday rumors were hinting at 67 million installs. Including the ones who figured out the workaround on not waiting in line.

Don’t judge. You know you wanted the ‘start’ button back too…

While there’s no confirmation from Microsoft, the numbers aren’t out of the realm of possibility. Gaudy? Beyond, but still plausible.

For the data wonks out there, the rumor also comes complete with the claim Microsoft was pushing 15 TB/s at its peak. Want a comparison? Apple pushed 8 TB/s during their last major OS push.

The secondary, and more conservative, rumor came from Neowin on Friday:

Last week Microsoft pushed the big red button that released Windows 10 to the world and while the company initially announced 14 million installs after 24 hours, sources are telling us that the mark has surpassed 25 million and may be as high as 27 million.

While the peak of 1500 installs per second has slowed, seeing that more than 10 million machines have installed the OS in a week shows that there was strong demand for the OS ahead of its public release.

Ok, we are looking at 25-67 million installs. That wide of a range can’t be explained away as people stopping a download, the servers being clogged or if the end user downloaded and then decided to not install it.

Which is it? Don’t expect Microsoft to comment much outside of the boilerplate ‘spectacular launch’ and leave the details just lying about. Unless the 15 TB/s number is accurate. If Microsoft can tout beating Apple, the company will.

Apple has been getting hammered over the past couple of weeks. Earnings, while good, didn’t match analysts expectations. Microsoft is becoming damn near ‘cool’ again, so it would make sense to batter its chief rival.

windows 10 install rumors

Again, if the high-end rumor is true.

Or, Microsoft can exercise what they learned from Windows 8. Remember that trainwreck? Record sales were trumpeted. Except it was to OEMs and retailers, not the end user. Not really a lie, but when people turned on Windows 8 and downgraded or didn’t buy new PCs, perception became a reality.

What the company needs is for users to embrace the new OS. To me? It’s already a winner. We run both OSX and Windows at News Ledge. It was nice to see the start button back. Edge makes me forget IE, and that’s damn nice.

Now, let’s see how it translate to the Xbox One with the fall update, and then on to Windows Mobile. Xbox is holding its own, but there are not enough expletives to describe the dashboard.

Mobile? It’s been on life support for a long time now. One more shot to shine. And do so by making it accessible and cheaper. Especially cheaper. People haven’t quite wrapped their heads around they are shelling out $700 for an iPhone yet. When they do, it would be nice to have options from a company people at least know.

We shall see on that front.

What are you thinking of the install rumors? 25 or 67 million? If it’s like any rumor, shoot the gap for a happy middle.

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