Han Solo would be proud. The new Millennium Falcon is part of the Lego Ultimate Collector’s Series. And for a good reason. When a similar model was released in 2007, it had 2,000 fewer pieces.

top view lego millenium falcon

At 7,541 pieces, it’s the largest Lego set to date and has one badass box to prove it. It covers a variety of scenarios, including the layout we saw in the Empire Strikes Back all the way to the new trilogy. Ten mini figurines are also included in the set, including a young and old Han Solo. Chewbacca makes an appearance, as well as C-3PO, BB-8, Finn, Rey and Leia. Was hoping we’d see R2, but he’s with Luke.

interior lego millenium falcon

Inside the Falcom, you will be piecing together a Dejarik holographic board game, an engineering bay and more. It wouldn’t be a smuggler’s dream without hidden compartments – there are two onboard the Lego Falcon. Two escape pod hatches are included and one thing we all want to see on the Falcon.

cockpit lego millenium falcon

A passageway leading to a fully rotating quad laser cannon. Hell yes.


It’s not cheap at $800 and a release date on October 1, but take a glance at eBay. The 2007 series with fewer pieces easily bid over $1000. How much do you think this one will get you as Episode VIII quickly approaches? Exactly.

It is one of those Lego sets for the die-hard Star Wars fan. You don’t want to lose pieces and is meant more as a display piece over a toy. Especially considering the price. What do you think? Are you a diehard enough fan to snap up an $800 Millennium Falcon?

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