We all fell in love with the MIOPS Mobile camera trigger. Now the company is back on Kickstarter with the Capsule360. The pocket-sized camera accessory gives you motion box capability while maximizing portability.

It might be a Kickstarter project, but MIOPS has been around the crowdfunding block a couple of times and proven itself. Both products from the company were introduced on Kickstarter, and the company is looking for its hat trick with the Capsule360.

Check out the product demo and the company’s love of a good soundtrack:

MIOPS Capsule360 Features

Love a good timelapse? Capsule360 has multiple time-lapse modes in addition to its smart object tracking, 360-degree product photography and panorama modes. If you’re like me and love astronomy, the MIOPS team has your back with star tracking for astrophotographers.

MIOPS Capsule360 features

That’s one hell of a feature considering a standalone mount for astrophotography prices out damn close to the Capsule360 and doesn’t have anywhere close to the versatility. Toss in the ability to mount everything from your smartphone to the best mirrorless or DSLR camera, and it’s easy to see why the photography community is buzzing.

Need more versatility? The Capsule360 already has quite the list of add-ons. Opt for the turntable kit and enjoy an immediate upgrade in product photography. The MIOPS dolly introduces smooth motion to your videos. The Capsule360 can be stacked to add additional movements with the Capsule Slider.

MIOPS Capsule360 kickstarter

Battery life is impressive with up to 8 hours of video and nearly a week for those wanting one hell of a timelapse.

Capsule360 Kickstarter

Kickstarter projects always have the same reactions. When will the product be shipped? And, how much will it cost? Delivery is set for December 2018 and MIOPS has a great history on the platform. Both products from the company started off as successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Pricing ranges from the $199 Capsule360 standalone to the $979 premium pack containing 3 Capsule360s, the dolly, slider, L-bracket, turntable, and mobile dongle.

Sound off below on what you think of MIOPS latest product. The astrophotography feature immediately grabbed my attention. At $199, the Capsule360 is feature-rich. Even the premium pack is more than worth the cost. You’re saving a bundle of money over the competition as the Capsule360 looks to maximize portability with versatility.

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