Mirrorless Camera Rumors Ramp With Sony, Panasonic and Canon

mirrorless camera rumors

It seems none of the camera companies are taking a summer vacation as the mirrorless camera rumor mill has started to churn. And it’s not just lens announcements. Hey, we all need glass, but it’s the camera bodies that get everyone hyped.

Sony Mirrorless Camera Rumors

First up is Sony. Yes, the company gave a huge nod towards sports and wildlife photographers with the two telephoto lens announcements. But, for a company that used to release more camera bodies than Apple’s butterfly keyboard design, it’s been more than a bit quiet. 

That changes with the registration of two camera codes – WW245025 and WW716189. The first is probably something for the RX or Cybershot, while the latter is shaping up to be a new, high-end e-mount. If you take into account the recently announced telephoto lenses, the new camera code points to a second generation a9. 

Yep, I hear the groans in NE Alabama on where the hell is the a7s III? Personally, I’d like to see Sony release the much-rumored a7000 APS-C. Show crop sensor fans some love and better ergonomics. Another piece of good news for the fans of lens announcements is a new Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 is imminent.  

Panasonic Mirrorless Camera Rumors

Hey, we get to hear Jared Polin say L-Mount Alliance. It may annoy some, but the man cracks me up. Rumors are swirling for a September event to officially unveil the Panasonic S1H. Yeah, we’ve already had an unveiling but the second one should reveal full specs and most importantly, the price. Also, the video monster may share the stage with two lenses – the 24-70 and 70-200 f/2.8. Someone has come to the full-frame mirrorless market to play. And Sony? No pressure, but without the a7s III, Panasonic has one hell of an open door. 

Canon Mirrorless Camera Rumors

Multiple rumors are hitting, but the one getting the most play is Canon has supposedly accelerated the development of a mirrorless equivalent of the EOS-1D X flagship. And this would launch alongside a 1D X Mark III DSLR, and two RF telephoto primes – a 300mm f/2.8L IS and a 500mm lens. That seems a bit much. Why launch a flagship mirrorless alongside a new flagship DSLR? It would be one weird press event. 

What we do know is in the pipeline is a new PowerShot G7 Mark III and an RF 24-240mm f/4-6.3 which will be bundled with the Canon EOS RP. Will Canon launch a flagship mirrorless? Absolutely, but the rumors around it are thinly sourced and it seems the more likely scenario is a high-megapixel body hits the market first.

Other rumors floating around include the sub-$1000 mirrorless Nikon which sounds both exciting and horrifying. What features will be stripped to get the camera down to that price? Another is Fuji is set to announce the X-Pro3 sometime in the fall. Some rumors have circled October, but it’s a wait and see mode. 

Exciting times for camera fans. The mirrorless market is heating up with more camera bodies and Panasonic looks damn impressive. Now if they would just get a better AF system.

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