It’s the happy middle for the Misfit Phase. With the Apple Watch Series 2 boasting new design elements, water resistance, and a brighter screen, Misfit is changing directions. At half the cost and targeting consumers who love the idea of a smartwatch but not necessarily the looks. Strapping a mini iPhone to our wrists isn’t the most appealing proposition. Particularly with an upgrade cycle.

For those consumers, the Misfit Phase hits on traditional design with loads of features. The classic timepiece handles steps, distance and shows you what terrible sleep habits you have. Constantly have your ringer off on your phone like me? Misfit Phase will send vibration alerts for both text and calls. Inside the app, you can set custom notifications.

A sleek ‘smart button’ gives the wearer the ability to play and pause music wirelessly, operate smarthome devices and take a selfie. Damn it, Misfit; you were doing so well. Now, if you could open the SDK up to DSLR companies and have it as a remote shutter, that would be badass.

Misfit Phase Style

It looks like a traditional watch and has near endless customization on straps. Sport straps, leather and nylon all make an appearance. If you can’t decide, the company has developed three separate packs of straps for you to interchange based on your daily look.

misfit phase smartwatch style

Because style never sleeps, neither does the Misfit Phase. Gone are the days of charging docks. A CR2430 coin cell battery is all you need for up to six months of use. Any local big box store or pharmacy sells these type of batteries. Longer life means more data which should lead to more motivation towards your fitness goals.

Fitness Tracking

It’s why most of us purchase wearables. Hit those 10,000 steps and more. The built-in activity tracking handles steps and distance. A simple press of the smart button will allow you to tag activities, show your progress towards your daily goal and logs your sleep duration and quality.

misfit phase smart notifications

Best of all, it’s swimproof to 5 meters. No need to ditch your watch when your lap workout hits.

Controlling the Misfit Phase

With the lack of a screen, Misfit had to be creative on notifications. Each vibration alert can be color-coded to tell you who is calling/texting, your alarm or reminders for meetings or to get off your ass. Yep, the Phase is a passive aggressive smartwatch. Sitting on the couch too long will trigger a movement alert.

misfit phase app

The smart button is programmable to do a variety of tasks. Already mentioned music and selfies, but it doesn’t stop there. Inside the app, you can program the button to advance slides during a presentation, call yourself when the couch inevitably eats your phone and link to the Logitech Harmony Hub. The days of clap on lights are gone. Press a button on your watch and the lights go out.

Misfit Phase Specs

  • 3-axis accelerometer to automatically tracks fitness and sleep quality and duration
  • Color-coded indicator can be customized to show you who’s calling, texting, or emailing you
  • Vibration Alarm can be customized to alert you a set time or notifies you of important information
  • Bluetooth-enabled to sync with your smartphone to deliver call, text, alarm notifications, and get custom settings via the Misfit App
  • Auto-update date and time automatically resets during travel or season changes
  • No charging required, replaceable CR2430 coin cell battery lasts up to 6 months
  • 41mm case crafted from cutting-edge materials including satin aluminum and stainless steel
  • Showerproof, swimproof and lasts up to 6 months with no charging
  • Easily interchange different 20mm strap styles with the simple button closure
  • When changing strap styles, easily retain matching metal keepers and buckles (buckles come with a quick-release spring pin)

Preorders kick off on November 7th for $195.00. Head over to the company’s product page to sign up for reminders or to learn more.

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