Misfit is taking the Fossil cash and putting it to good use. Talk about turning your product designers loose. Damn…

On the heels of the Specter earbud/earphones announcement comes the Misfit Ray. Want to keep track of your activity from the office to the gym? You can do that with any tracker, but how the hell do you keep looking stylish?

Easy, wrap it in aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and allow the user to wear the tracker around their neck or swap the wrist strap for leather. Am I supposed to suddenly want to run around while wearing a tux?

You’re confusing me, Misfit. I’m not sure if I want to track my fitness or have one cause it looks gorgeous.

Mission of the Misfit Ray

Devil is in the details. The push here from Misfit is to get people like me wearing a tracker all the time. I love my Fitbit, but am I wearing it out on the town at night? Umm, that’d be a no. I may live in rural Alabama, but standards must hold.

Misfit Ray isn’t going to satisfy the crazy dude in the gym that wants everything tracked. Bro, it’s ok to have a cookie. You won’t get struck down by the Crossfit gods. And caveman? Life expectancy was what – 30? Not exactly the endorsement I’m looking for in a diet.

The company wants the Ray to be seen as fitness tracker that doubles as a fashion accessory. Mission accomplished.

Want the traditional wrist-worn look? Leather, rope and sports bands are available. Opting to wear it as a fitness pendant? Choose your chain and go for it. Product photography shows it being worn on everything from a rope chain to high-end jewelry.

Misfit Ray style customization

Guys thinking of combining a Tiffany necklace with a fitness tracker for Valentine’s Day? Know your girlfriend or wife before you pull that one out of a hat.

Misfit Ray Tracking

Style points mean it lacks in some areas. Looking for heart rate tracking? You’ll need another device. The 3-axis accelerometer tracks steps, estimated calories burned, distance, sleep quality and duration.

Sleep trackers never met me. Evidently the fidgeting I do awake translates in REM. Most people roll over. Me? I roll around. Or one of the border collies decides I’m his pillow for the night. That makes for an interesting sleep graph.

Want to track your activity? Jump into the app and tag damn near anything. Basketball, running, yoga, cycling tennis, soccer, dancing and swimming.

That’s right. The Misfit Ray is water resistant to 50 meters. Pretty sure the YMCA pools aren’t that deep, so all good on that front.

div-Smart Notifications

It doesn’t stop at a glaring reminder you should get off the couch. It handles vibration alerts for calls, texts and movement reminders. Yep. It’s going to tell you Netflix can wait while you move around a bit.

Misfit Specs

Battery life. No charging via USB every five days. The Ray sing three 393 button cell batteries you replace every six months. Syncing is via Bluetooth and it is compatible with iOS 7+ and Android 4.3+.

The Misfit App runs on damn near anything mobile. iPhone 4s and up, the iPod Touch 5, iPad 3/4/Air/Mini. Android devices include the Samsung S4 and up, the Note 3 and up and the Nexus 4 and up.

Dimensions (device) come in at a svelte 12mm in diameter and 38mm in length. Weight tops out at 8 grams. Customizing the straps alter the dimensions based on the look you’re going for.


Pre-orders for the tracker start at $99.99 for the sportband option. Leather runs $119.99. Color options are carbon black and rose gold. Ship dates are Spring 2016.

Always wanted a fitness tracker you can wear out on dates or events? Misfit wants to fit that niche of people who demand data but also want style to go along with function.


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