Misfit is keeping its foot on the gas when it comes to product launches. The latest is the Misfit Specter. Releasing sometime in 2016, the Specter is a wireless in-ear headphone system. That’ll be handy if Apple drops the 3.5mm headphone jack. I know. I can hear the groans.

A lot of marketing from Misfit, but here’s a breakdown of what to expect. Quality sound. The Specter has dual drivers to handle bass and clean up the treble. If you’ve used Bluetooth earbuds in the past, you know the issue with them has always been sound quality.

Not stopping at sound quality, Misfit is adding in both noise isolation technology and hearing safeguards. The noise isolation tech will allow in necessary ambient noise but hopefully, tune out the backseat driver.

I prefer headphones or earbuds letting in ambient noise. I tried a pair of wired Bose noise canceling earbuds driving, and it freaked me out. Road noise to disconcertingly quiet. I had to turn off the noise canceling so I could finish the road trip.

Hearing protection safeguards is a loose term from Misfit. How will it work? Are we talking auto adjusting volume based on ambient noise? It’s a necessary tech, or all of us will have hearing damage after years of rocking out to mp3s at absurdly high volumes.

Misfit Specter earbuds

Other features include your expected dedicated voice call microphone, stereo mics to handle the ambient noise and ergonomic design to fit our ears.

Misfit Specter Gets Smart

Every product has to be smart today. Misfit is no different with the activity tracker built into the Specter. Track your steps, estimated calories burned, distance and activity tagging. Tired after the workout? Track your sleep quality within the Link app.

All the tracking, what about control? You can control music from the Specter, take a picture, advance slides from a presentation and even call yourself. The last is when you inevitably lose your phone. No idea how the equivalent of an iPad Mini that makes calls disappears, but mine finds a way.


Here’s where Misfit shines – I realize that’s another product of the company. The design of the Specter is sleek, and the shirt band clip is a nice touch. Wireless sounds good in theory until the earbuds come sliding out and into a perfectly placed puddle.

Pricing on the earbuds hasn’t been announced, but an educated guess would be in the $100-150 range. The 2016 release date should give us more details in short order.

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