Over the weekend, the moon put on quite the show. It peaked in the early hours of Saturday morning and gave sky photographers beautiful shots from Friday night through Sunday night. Here’s a couple of my favorite shots courtesy of AP photographers below.

supermoon pakistan

supermoon budapest

Missed the show? You’ll get two more chances in August and September. The supermoon, or perigee moon, in August will be even brighter than the one over the weekend. Peaking on August 10th, the moon will appear the brightest as the moment its closest position coincides with the moon being at its fullest (known as opposition in astronomy).

According to The Space Reporter, this is the second year in a row we will see three consecutive supermoons. Even more unusual since perigee full moons happen only about once every year on average.

Does the supermoon really mean it’s bigger? It is, by about 14%. It’s not the size that most people remember though, it’s the 30% increase in brightness.

Want to take full advantage of the supermoon? Look for it right as it rises. An optical illusion makes the moon appear even larger when it’s near the horizon.

Top Image: Ralfo Winter


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