Baby, I’m not fooling. The new Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer delivers. Wanna a whole lot of Ethan Hunt and company? You got it. Those curious about the song and have the ‘who the hell sings this’ syndrome this morning, it’s Led Zeppelin.

It is the second full-length trailer for Rogue Nation and features plenty of insanity. Tom Cruise doing insane stunts? Check. Simon Pegg as Benji being hilarious? You know it. Rebecca Ferguson kicking ass? Yes with a side of hell yes.

The fifth Mission Impossible follows Ethan with a band of buddies as they battle the ‘anti-IMF’ known as the Syndicate. Rogue Nation features the return of favorites William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), Benji and Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames).

Judging by the trailers, the actors were quite content on letting Tom Cruise drive up insurance costs by doing his own stunts.

mission impossible rogue nation trailer

Rebecca Ferguson plays Ilsa, a British spy who helps the team navigate as the IMF is being dismantled and pursued by the Syndicate. One of two ways you recognize her this morning. She played Queen Elizabeth in the TV-series The White Queen and Ergenia in Hercules. The one with The Rock. Let’s not speak of the other one…

The asshole of the movie? Alec Baldwin. Talk about an easy cast. The casting agency looks at the character description of a politician being a pain in the ass while dismantling the IMF. That’s easy, call Alec Baldwin.

What I love about Mission Impossible is you get the best of both worlds in a spy movie. It’s funny without being a parody. And, it doesn’t feel like the main character needs a therapy session with all the brooding.

Plus, it’s Tom Cruise. Is he crazy? Who isn’t crazy? Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation looks like a fun ride without being an assault on your senses. It lands in theaters on July 31st.


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