Cologne. Perfume. Take your pick. We all have a collection.

The level that I might collect cologne qualifies me for an episode of Hoarders on TLC.

An issue with cologne has always been travel and portability. Yeah, that small bottle is a pain in the ass to take anywhere. Gym bag? Depending on the person, you may want it to go off like a flash-bang. Carry-on luggage? It will find a way to leak. Enjoy the overpowering scent of the guy three rows back.

Brother, Cool Water stopped being cool a long time ago…

There has to be a better way. And hell, may as well have stylish too. MistR is a new Kickstarter campaign that puts your favorite cologne into a card-sized fragrance atomiser. Refillable? Check. Portable? Oh yeah.

And your choice of cologne. No one said this was a miracle. It’s on you not to announce your presence a few blocks away.

MistR heavy on looks

No bulky cologne bottles mean the company can focus on the look and feel. The design is kept minimalist to ensure it never goes out of style. Opting for 316-grade stainless steel, MistR has the durability for an everyday carry with no effect on the fragrance.

Color options? The campaign will let you choose between Matte White, Stainless, Kickstarter Green and Matte Black. I’m partial to the white and black, but the Kickstarter Green is a nice nod to the platform.

A few pictures speak louder than a description.

Hey MistR, how do you work?

First, you’ll need your fragrance. Take your cologne bottle and remove the cap to expose the stem. Insert the stem in into the refill valve and pump. Think refillable butane lighter. Same concept.

Need a spray? It works like every other cologne, perfume or atomiser you have used. Depress the cap. Don’t go wild. Heard the adage less is more? Migraine sufferers thank you. As does your date.

MistR keeps it minimal. We should too.


Made from stainless steel, the MistR uses a wedge design to maximize capacity while keeping the form factor down. It has a carrying capacity of 8ml. That works out to around 80 sprays.

Filling up maxes the weight out at around 60 grams. I think that checks the box with ease on portability.

Here are the full dimensions:

mistr specs


Shipping is set for June, and the company has provided a timeline for backers.

mistr kickstarter timeline

Pricing is damn intriguing. The early special is almost gone at $29, but you can secure one in your choice of color for $33. Love gold? So does MistR. A 24k gold plated versions is available for $99.

Can’t pick a color? You can grab the full set for $145. And for the hoarders among us, a pack of ten will set you back $279. We could clean out that drawer, but that would involve cleaning out that drawer.

Head over to the campaign page to learn more. In case you miss the fine print on Kickstarter, MistR is looking to raise $50,000 AUD and is closing in on its halfway point with 28 days remaining.

Go ahead, hit yourself with the smell good.

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