MLB 15: The Show is right around the corner. And, Sony is sticking to their policy of shutting down support for the previous year’s version. On June 18th, MLB 14’s online features will no longer work for Playstation Vita, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. That’s just 13 months of online support. A lot of gamers are pissed, and they should be.

But, should we be surprised? Nope. Sony did the same thing for MLB 13. It’s ridiculous that Sony shuts servers down this quick. Hell, even EA doesn’t do it that fast.

It’s clear Sony wants all of us to focus on the newest release.

MLB 15: The Show will hit Playstation platforms on March 31.

MLB 15: The Show

Sony is promising tons of improvements for MLB 15: The Show. You can check out all the improvements here. I’ll highlight some of the bigger ones below.

General Gameplay Improvements

– Advanced AI logic results in outfielders taking more realistic routes to the ball
– Upgraded motion system allows for dynamic speed matching from run to catch to throw
– User controlled cut offs
– All new slide and tag system
– Dynamic pitch breaks: allows for more realistic pitch recognition when batting
– Simplified Analog swing controls

MLB 15 graphics


– Real-time seasonal sun and shadows
– Player Skin tone realism. More variations of skin tones with gloss and specular improvements
– Revamped night lighting
– More accurate and photorealistic rendering system

A new Directional Hitting interface has been added for MLB 15. You can decide how you want to hit the ball in real-time while you swing. Go for ground balls, pulled hits or pushed hits.


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