Mobile game developers are always quick to jump onto a new trend. Flappy Bird was one of the more famous examples. Some devs jump onto the latest news happening. That’s where some developers are taking it too far. Several games have popped up on the Google Play store in recent days glorifying the Israel/Gaza conflict.

Bomb Gaza puts you in the cockpit of an Israeli fighter jet as you fly over Gaza rooftops. The goal of the game is to kill as many black-clad Hamas operatives as you can while avoiding civilians. Yeah, that isn’t sitting well with people. Criticism was fast and furious and Google has removed the title from the its app store.

Gaza Assault: Code Red is a similar game where players control an Israeli UAV. This title was also removed from the Google Play store.

Interestingly, some games remain. Several of the mobile games focus on the Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system. There’s even a Flappy Bird clone called Rocket Pride where you guide missiles through the defenses of an “oppressive occupier.”

Mobile game devs know no bounds. Whether it’s poor taste or just a bad game, someone’s always looking for a quick buck.

A Google spokeswoman wouldn’t discuss any particular app and said, “We remove apps from Google Play that violate our policies.” According to the terms and conditions for Google Play developers, Google will ban apps that advocate “against groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin.”

Why did these apps flood Google Play and not Apple’s App Store? Google’s policy is to curate its apps after their released with the help of its users. Apple’s apps are curated before they go live. Still, Google was quick to remove some of the titles following a quick backlash from the public. We’ll see how long these other titles stay up.


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