I wonder if Medicare covers this? You’ll need one hell of a referral and an awesome doctor to convince someone to cover a mobility scooter that tops 107 mph.

That’s the new Guinness World Record for scooters you normally see easing their way around a Walmart. Hell, if they all went this fast, I’d accidentally on purpose have a bum knee.

Does the Life Alert come standard or is that part of the luxury package?

Two mechanics at an Isle of Man bodyshop had one too many and decided to convert a stock Days Strider scooter that topped out at a sedate 8 mph. What did David Anderson and Matthew Hine add on?

An 80-horsepower, liquid-cooled Suzuki motorcycle engine. File that under ‘why not?’ In addition to the engine, the pair replaced the chassis and tires with a redesigned frame and go-cart wheels. No way in hell the Walmart lil rascal is doing 107 mph on stock tires.

Matthew Hine on world record setting mobility scooter

You might be asking, how the hell is this a mobility scooter if they made all the mods? Luckily Guinness is rather malleable when it comes to criteria. The official line from Guinness is “from the outside the vehicle must appear like a traditional motorscooter. … [but] the engine may be modified or replaced in a way that seems suitable to gain a higher speed.”

Hine was the crazed maniac behind the wheel and the pair actually filmed the feat in 2014. Guinness finally got around to certifying the record, which crushed the previous record of 71.59 mph.

Now take it to an actual track and put it up against a Prius for the fun of it.

With the wheelie bars, your day at the grocery store is now a bigger pain in the ass. Who doesn’t love when the local lil rascal club decides to set up base camp in the bread aisle?

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